Thursday, 31 March 2011

The most beautiful ugly sound in the world

Japanese sound artist Ryoji Ikeda's music borders between noise and tones.  It's the most beautiful ugly sound in the world.

Video from 's youtube channel

Wednesday, 30 March 2011


I love visiting London because I always discover new things that I love there.  In terms of discovering new music, Rough Trade East is the place to be.  This time, I found the latest CD Lux by Scottish electronic musician Alex Smoke.  I have listened to Alex Smoke's industrial techno before through internet downloads.  I totally did not expect finding his CD at a record store.

Video from 's youtube channel

Monroe's utopian architecture*

Another nice surprise I had during my recent visit to London was an unexpected sighting of Ian Monroe's work at Haunch of Venison.  Although I have seen his works in books and catalogues before, it was my first time seeing his large scale collage in real life.  Usually monochromatic or in highly contrasting colours, Monroe built his utopian architecture using adhesive vinyl on perspex or metals.

Image from Ian Monroe, Haunch of Venison 2005

*Utopian Architecture is the title of a group exhibition Monroe's work was featured in at Upstairs Berlin, 2005.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Pop + minimalism + vorticism + futurism + graffiti art = ?

Newspeak British Art Now at Saatchi Gallery is another good show to see the most current British art.  The first installment of the show was shown last summer and fall; the second installment is still on, through spring.  I first saw Jaime Gili's works when I went to see the show last December.  His works were said to be a mix of pop, minimalism, vorticism, futurism and graffiti art.  I don't really care about the labels.  It is the geometry that captures me.

From synaesthetic dreams to white shards

My greatest discovery during my trip to London this time was Rebecca Partridge.  It is interesting to know that the geometric forms in her paintings are actually remnants of her childhood synaesthetic dreams.  It then all makes sense to see geometric shapes superimposed on to natural landscapes in her paintings.  Partridge is currently showing at Art First in London.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

In The Days Of The Comet

Just came back from London.  The British Art Show 7 "In The Days Of The Comet" at Hayward Gallery is a must-see for lovers of contemporary art.  It features numerous big names in the contemporary British art scene including my personal favourites Karla Black, Steven Claydon, Roger Hiorns and Ian Kiaer.  Many have appeared in Saatchi Gallery's recent Newspeak British Art Now.

Black at Saatchi, London 2010:

Claydon at KAI 10 Raum für Kunst, Duesseldorf 2009:

Hiorns's Artangel project Seizure, London 2009:

Kiaer at Kunstverein München, 2010: