Sunday, 12 June 2011

Literary translation to colours

Francine Savard's show at Toronto's Diaz Contemporary earlier this year consisted of a series of minimalist paintings on horizontal canvas stripes.  Each painting is a colour translation of the first line of a famous novel, with the length of each word determining the length of the respective colour block.  Interesting idea.

That reminds me of Stefanie Posavec's very clever Writing Without Words project.


  1. I like Posavec's scans of pages from Kerouac's novel with her colour pen marks that she later used as a model. don't know how it works, is it the lenght of a sentence, or words. interesting.

    Here is the article I told about discussing the work of Kobro and others of your interest.

    Let's do some Bauhaus yoga!

  2. Bauhaus is always an inspiration for me.