Saturday, 30 July 2011

Patchwork London: bold McGee vs subtle Feehily

It was my first day in London yesterday.  Instead of visiting the major art institutions, I decided to go hopping some independent galleries first.  I did see some good shows: White Cube Mason's Yard, Haunch of VenisonPilar Corrias and Modern Art in central London, and White Cube Hoxton Square and Hoxton Art Gallery in east London.

Modern Art shows the new works by two very different artists - Barry McGee and Fergus Feehily.  McGee's works are an explosion of bold colours with tesselations of geometric patterns.  They are full of life and energy.  Feehily's works, on the other hand, are more subtle and of a smaller scale.  He pays a lot of attention to the materials he's using, which are sometimes found and sometimes made.

McGee at Modern Art, London 2011:

Feehily at Modern Art, London 2011:

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