Sunday, 28 August 2011

Kangding Ray @ Other Music

While music stores seem to be getting close to extinction in NYC, I was glad to have discovered Other Music, an independent music store selling CDs, vinyls and MP3 downloads, specializing in underground, rare and experimental music.  I was there looking for Atom™'s Winterreise, with no success.  I later figured that Winterreise has only been released in playbutton format, not in CD.  But then I found Kangding Ray's latest release Or.  I first started listening to Kangding Ray on a few years ago.  Never expected to find his CDs.  Thank you, Other Music, for the nice surprise.  I will definitely make Other Music my mandatory stop when I visit NYC again.

An older track from Kangding Ray - Quarante:

 Video from 's youtube channel

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