Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Lamarche and Marshall's urban dynamism

Still got that NYC fever in me ...

I visited Toronto's Show & Tell Gallery today and found myself impressed by New York artist Greg Lamarche's hand-cut paper collages.  Inspired by the dynamism of his native NYC, Lamarche's works show clear traits of graffiti art while playing with font styles and rhythmic repetition.

Also at the show was another American artist James Marshall (aka Dalek).  The vibrant colours of Marshall's paintings resonated perfectly with Lamarche's urban scribbles.


  1. Ýour pics of Lamarche makes them look so much like paintings. It makes it hard to think of them as paper cut out. They look very interesting though.

    Btw, what music are you listening to these days, Kee? The Pantha du prince album is delicious.

  2. They do look like paintings.

    Other than Pantha du Prince's Black Noise, I just got Marihiko Hara's Credo, Kangding Ray's Or and Atom TM's Liedgut recently. I'm planning on posting some videos here but I still have so much from my trips to write about.