Friday, 29 June 2012

The (Silent) Tornado and other sound effects

Featured at Mercer Union's current show Red Sky At Night is Jack Goldstein's A Suite Of Nine 7-inch Records With Sound Effects, which includes vinyl records with titles such as The Burning Forest, The Tornado, A Swim Against The Tide and A Faster Run pressed into corresponding colours.  To Goldtsein, sound recordings are images.  The colour, the sound and the title define each of his records as an object.

Goldstein at Mercer Union, Toronto 2012:

It is interesting to see at the same exhibition Jonathan Monk's silent film The Silent Tornado (For Jack Goldstein), which shows nothing but the rotation of Goldstein's purple record - spinning like a tornado.  There, the violent force of nature is miraculously controlled by the simple lifting and dropping of the record needle.

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