Monday, 2 July 2012


The current group exhibition trans/FORM: Matter as Subject > New Perspectives at MOCCA (Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art) is definitely one of the best shows I have seen in Toronto so far this year.  As indicated in the title and subtitle of the exhibition, this show focuses on materials with an open attitude of experimentation.  It's a proud showcase of the latest local artistic endeavours.

Derrick Piens:

Derrick Piens and Georgia Dickie:

Jennifer Rose Sciarrino, Derrick Piens and Jaime Angelopoulos:

Jennifer Rose Sciarrino:

Derrick Piens, Jaime Angelopoulos and Niall McClelland:

Jaime Angelopoulos and Sasha Pierce:

Derrick Piens and Aleksander Hardashnakov:

Jaime Angelopoulos and Hugh Scott-Douglas:

Georgia Dickie and Aleksander Hardashnoakov:

I'll write more about individual artists in my future posts.

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