Thursday, 2 August 2012


On my way back to Frankfurt, I decided to stop at Köln for a few hours to visit a couple of places.  Right by the hauptbahnhof, Museum Ludwig of course is a must-see.  But Peter Zumthor's 2007 Kolumba, which is not much farther, is the main focus of my Köln stopover this time.  Originally founded in 1853, Kolumba is an art museum run by the archdiocese Erzbistums Köln.  Zumthor's building was cleverly erected upon and around the Gothic ruins of St. Kolumba and an archaeological excavation site.

Kolumba is said to be a museum of contemplation.  Its art collection, ranging from late antiquity to contemporary, encourages a dialogue between past and present.

Josef Wolf:

Richard Serra:

 Leiko Ikemura:

Werner Schriefers:

Attila Kovács:

Dieter Krieg:

Victoria Bell:

Bernhard Leitner:

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