Sunday, 9 September 2012

Ngo's Architectural Absurdity*

I've been following Tom Ngo since his first solo exhibition three years ago.  His very imaginative "architectural drawings" always amaze me.  So I was totally disappointed when I knew that I was going to miss his July exhibition in Toronto when I would be travelling in Germany.  Thanks to W of LE Gallery!  When I visited his gallery last week, he pulled out from storage some of Ngo's exhibited drawings and pictures of Ngo's installation for me to see.  I could never thank him enough.

Ngo at LE Gallery, Toronto 2012:

Ngo at Le Gallery, Toronto 2010:

Ngo at Lennox Contemporary, Toronto 2009:

*The Dinner Address: A Venture Into Architectural Absurdity is the title of Ngo's master's thesis.

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