Monday, 12 November 2012

Preoccupied Waveforms + Nam June Paik

Back to Toronto ...

It's a real disappointment most art galleries were still recovering from flood damage and closed when I visited NYC this past weekend.  But what I did happen to see there was really worth the trip.  One of my favourite is Haroon Mirza's sound and light installation Preoccupied Waveforms at New Museum's Studio 231.  The texts Mirza used:

--{}{}{} {}--{}{}{}{}--{}

\|\|\|\| \|\|\

/|/|/| /|/|


Can't find a good video on youtube.  For a taste of Mirza's electronic sound and installation, check out this Digital Switchover video from his own website - simply brilliant.

Now on the unstoppable electronic superhighway, new media installations have gone a long way since Nam June Paik's pioneering waves in the 60s.  Paik at Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin 2012:

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