Friday, 23 November 2012

Trockel, Scott and yarn bombing

What do Rosemarie Trockel, Judith Scott and yarn bombing have in common?  They do share a common thread ...

I walked into Trockel's exhibition A Cosmos at New York's New Museum the previous week, not expecting much.  The result was my fascination about the documentation of Trockel's whole spectrum of creative works over the decades.  One particular body of works that interested me was her knitted "paintings" in wool.  They were aptly supplemented by Scott's knitted sculptures.  Photography was not allowed at New Museum but I can show you Trockel's work I saw this summer.

Trockel at Museum Ludwig, Köln 2012:

Also seen this summer was some yarn bombing when I was travelling.  Yarn bombing is considered a form of graffiti using colourful yarn instead of paint or chalk.  A tree and some architectural elements shown here have been yarn bombed in Kassel:

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