Sunday, 17 March 2013


Since I missed his show in Montreal last year, one of the shows I was very much looking forward to seeing during my London trip this time was Carsten Nicolai's solo exhibition Observatory at Ibid.  Exploring  different kinds of particle phenomena, from microscopic to macroscopic, Nicolai's minimalist installations are elegant expressions of the aesthetics of physical science.

The installation Particle Noise uses an analog and a digital Geiger counter to capture radioactive particles and magnetic noise.  The pure minimalist cosmic sound produced is the most beautiful noise I have ever heard.  Too bad I can't show it here :(  The installation is aptly complemented by Traces, a series of photographs which document traces of cosmic and terrestrial radiation.

The installation Thermic makes visible the heat wave produced by a metal heating system with a light source throwing shadows of heated air on to a wall behind it.  A subtle but clever piece!

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