Saturday, 4 May 2013


My last couple of days in Waterloo have been mathematically immersed.  Now back in Toronto, I need another dose of mathematics to satisfy my craving ...

The RSA numbers are a collection of large numbers, each of which can be factored into exactly two large primes.  They were created in 1991 to encourage research in computational number theory.  The RSA Factoring Challenge was a challenge to factor the RSA numbers.  The largest among all RSA numbers, RSA2048, has 2048 binary digits (or 617 decimal digits).  It is one of the many RSA numbers which are yet to be factored:

25195908475657893494027183240048398571429282126204 03202777713783604366202070759555626401852588078440 69182906412495150821892985591491761845028084891200 72844992687392807287776735971418347270261896375014 97182469116507761337985909570009733045974880842840 17974291006424586918171951187461215151726546322822 16869987549182422433637259085141865462043576798423 38718477444792073993423658482382428119816381501067 48104516603773060562016196762561338441436038339044 14952634432190114657544454178424020924616515723350 77870774981712577246796292638635637328991215483143 81678998850404453640235273819513786365643912120103
97122822120720357                                .

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