Wednesday, 30 December 2015

From Paris To Riyadh + Embrace

Exploring migration, resistance and exchange, poetic yet political works by Palestinian artist Emily Jacir from her solo exhibition Emily Jacir: Europa currently at Whitechapel Gallery, London ...

From Paris To Riyadh (Drawings For My Mother)*:


*The story behind the work From Paris To Riyadh (Drawings For My Mother) is quite interesting.  A collection of white vellum papers dotted with black ink, they are "illegal" sections from Vogue magazines.  In Jacir's own words: "These pieces are based on my memories of traveling in and out of Saudi Arabia.  On the airplane flying into Saudi Arabia, my mother would black out with a marker all the exposed parts of female bodies from the latest Vogue magazine in order to bring them into the country.  I collected old Vogue magazines from the years we lived in Saudi Arabia and retraced my mother’s action.  Extracting the 'illegal' sections from each magazine, the work speaks about traversing the space in between two extreme forms of repressing woman; a space in which the image of women is commodified and a space in which the image of women is banned."

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