Sunday, 3 November 2013

Suspense. Solvitur Ambulando*.

Although there were only three cleverly composed pieces on view at his solo exhibition Suspended, Jacques Oulé's photo-based works at 26 possess a powerfully intriguing pull that have left viewers with ethereal suspense.  Really nice chatting with you, J.  Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

All images courtesy of Jacques Oulé

Michael Davidson wrote a response to each of the pieces on view.  Here's an excerpt beautifully written for Once Again For The First Time:

If We
Between here and there, the fog and the truth ...
From inside, stare out at the great silence.
Out there the void of stillness.
Memory has two distances.
Over oceans, lifted away aloft and alone
Untangled, this is the resting place.
The light scent of memory, floating pages
In a notebook from yesterday
Between the fingers, braiding dark sweet strands
Watering old eyes
In this paper room.
A face lingers, crystallized on the surface
With only remembrance
Of night and day,
And left again for tomorrow.

* Title of one of the works on view, Solvitur Ambulando in Latin = solved by walking in English

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