Sunday, 2 February 2014

Droits De Succession

I was totally thrilled to hear about Jaime Gili's new solo exhibition Droits De Succession at Oficina #1.  The new series of prints on view are superpositions of Gili's signature geometry on printers' proofs and leftover editions he has collected over the years from artists like Carlos Cruz Diez, Max Bill, Marcel Floris and François Morellet, who have been key figures or influences of the Venezuelan abstraction. This clever dialogue between the past and the present witnesses the succession of geometric abstraction from one generation to the next.  While it is exciting to see Gili's new works, it's regretful that I can only see them on pictures since the exhibition is in Caracas, Venezuela.  The show is opening today!

Gili on Morellet:

Gili on Floris:

Gili on Bill:

From the Roundabout Gili series:

All images courtesy of Jaime Gili.  Thank you for the pictures, the translation and your generosity, J.

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