Tuesday, 11 March 2014


This show is a surprise.  It's closing this week.  So I must write about it before flying to London tonight.  The ambitious exhibition CounterIntelligence curated by Charles Stankievech at Toronto's Justina M. Barnicke Gallery reveals the seemingly unlikely connection between art and secret intelligence/military surveillance from historic to the most recent times.  Close to 100 items are on display.

Anna-Sophie Springer's Cleve Backster Interrogates To Janet Craig:

El Lissitzky's Proun Room drawing:

Edward Snowden's Public Encryption Key:

Harun Farocki's Serious Games IV: A Sun With No Shadow:

Trevor Paglen's NOYFB:

Abbas Akhavan's Study For Blue Shield:

Yves Klein's book Peintures: 10 Planches En Colours:

Canadian Forces' CADPAT Camouflage Design:

Site (Specific): Satellite Images Of Earthworks:

Paul Virilio's book Bunker Archéologie:

Charles Stankievech's redacted postcard 89°29'58"N 62°20'5"W:

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