Tuesday, 11 November 2014


"Working with analog NTSC video, VHS, VCRs and cathode ray tube (CRT) televisions have steadily moved my work into the realm of obsolescence.  Equipment can still be purchased second hand, and it can still be repaired, but not for long ...  CRTs glow a certain way; VCRs capture NTSC signal glitches a certain way; VHS tapes reproduce the images encoded on to them in a certain way, and analog video in general looks a certain way.  Creating a portrait in itself is something obsolete ...  It shows someone as they existed in that moment, to be replaced by a new version of themselves.  The subject ages, fashion changes.  They will never exist exactly as they did in that portrait."

From the group exhibition Mean Time To UpgradePhil Baljeu's decayed and glitched NTSC video portrait Kaila_004 currently at InterAccess, Toronto:

Baljeu's Kaila Glitch 001 Proc (as Ruin Music):

Video from Ruin Music's youtube channel

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